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Those Who Can, Teach

Today is national teacher appreciation day, and as the spouse of a teacher I wanted to shout out my amazing wife, Kelly, for all the hard work she puts into her profession. Teachers are under-appreciated and need to be recognized for all of their efforts and sacrifices. They are not only educators to their children, but also emotional confidants, role models and friends. Shouts to you, Kelly, and to all the teachers out there for being the bad asses needed to shape the minds of the future.

And now that the soapbox portion of my post has concluded, I also wanted to pass along a few awesome gift ideas for the teacher in your life. Make sure to reach out to a teacher today and let them know how appreciated they truly are.

Valentich Olive + Leather Tote ($150)


Wee Structed “Tiny Human” Mug ($14.99)


Draplin Design Co “Pencil of Six Sides” 6 pac ($12)


Insta Inspiration: Paige Steele

It’s the last Friday in April which of course means more snow in the Denver metro area. As has been the case since the beginning of March I’m tired of the snow and ready for sunshine. Thankfully Paige Steele over at Steel images shared this beautiful beach shot leaving me lusting for clearer skies. She was also rad enough to fill out a photo worksheet sharing a little more insight into her creative process and inspirations. Make sure to follow her on Instagram and check out more of her work on her website. Happy Friday all. Enjoy your weekend!


Steel sheet (1 of 1)



Brand: Biolite

Try as I might, I have been unsuccessful in constructing the intended in depth post about the rad folks over at the recreational equipment company / energy advocates better known as Biolite. So instead of trying to write yet another intro[1], I’ve decided to just showcase some of their bad ass gear as well as pass along some additional info about their social mission. Check it out!

Camp Stove Bundle ($199.95)

NanoGrid ($99.95)

CookStove ($99.95)

3 Technological focuses of Biolite





[1] Not including the brief dictation of the Drake song “Hold On” this is attempt #8

Playoff Beards and Spinsters: A Wonderfully Unfortunate Connection




My hands are still a tiny bit shaky while writing this after watching my Chicago Blackhawks lose a heartbreaking game 7 in the Stanley Cup Playoffs[1]. In a horrible bit of kismet, I had planned on writing about a rad shaving kit from the Spinster Sisters I discovered over the weekend while at the Denver Flea. Now, for those not familiar with the glory that is the Stanley Cup playoffs and one of its most famous superstitions, you may think that a shaving kit and hockey have no relationship what so ever. So let me give you a quick and dirty[2] introduction to the awesomeness that is the playoff beard[3].

Playoff Beard

Pioneered by the 1979-80 New York Islanders, their adventures in facial hair were originally an unspoken attempt to switch up the teams mojo after a suffering some premature playoff exits in the previous two seasons. A few players started to let their facial hair flourish in the first round of the 1980 playoffs and continued to sport face blankets all the way through until the Islanders were hoisting Lord Stanley’s cup for the first time in franchise history. They went on to establish an early ‘80’s dynasty, hoisting the cup the following 3 seasons, and became one of hockey’s most memorable teams. In the subsequent 36 years players and fans alike have been sporting playoff beards superstitiously until their teams are eliminated from the playoffs.


Bringing me back to Spinster Sisters,the Blackhawks elimination, and my new found need for shaving supplies, I’ll tell you about the kit.  This particular kit Includes; one of Spinster Sisters’ four all natural shaving soaps, a boar bristle shaving brush and an enamel mug. So, for all my eliminated hockey fan brethren out there[4] check out the Spinster Sisters and make the most painful shave of the year a little more bearable[5].

Spinster Sisters Shaving Kit ($45)


Spinster Sisters Shaving Gift Set ($62)


[1] Congrats St. Louis Blues and good luck in the next round.

[2] For a more in depth introduction check out this piece by Nina Mandell.

[3] Those familiar with playoff beards, please skip to the following paragraph.

[4] I’m looking at you Red Wings, Rangers, Wild, Flyers Panthers and Kings fans.

[5] If your playoff exit was especially painful (think game 7 of the Conference Finals) they also offer a Shaving Gift Set which includes; the shaving kit, bars of their Black and Gardner’s soap, a bottle of pre-shave oil and some lip balm.


Thick Lines & Beautiful Designs

Aaron Draplin is the creative mind behind an excessive amount of iconic brand imagery. Although his name is not the most recognizable his work speaks for itself and includes Field Notes, the Nike SB re-brand,  and the Patagonia alternate logo. The man has a penchant for thick lines paired with a throwback style and  is a creative savant.  He deserves a more in depth feature[1], but for now I just wanted to share some of the cool shit he makes.

DDC-007 Build Something Carpenter Pencil ($2)



DDC-018 Nameplate Torso Cover ($14.99)




DDC-034 DDC First Aid Kit ($9.99)



DDC-062 Colorado Collected Poster ($30)





[1] Which I plan on doing, but in the meantime check out his awesome interview on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Re-Sunglass

Recycling is cool. Recycling old skateboards into bad ass wayfarer style sunglasses is even cooler. The folks over at Woodzee have been doing just that, and taking old maple wood skateboard decks and pairing them with polarized lenses to create their Sierra line of specs. Available in five colors with a unisex styling, these bad boys will be the perfect accessory to any sunny summer day.

Woodzee Sierra Skateboard Sunglasses ($95)





For those experiencing a bit of wanderlust this Tuesday, check out Foster Huntington’s[1] book Home Is Where You Park It. The former New York office worker turned VW Synchro van adventurer originally started curating the images of his surf, van and travel shenanigans under the Instagram hashtag #vanlife, which eventually led to his photo book. It’s full of great pics and that are sure to get those travel juices flowing just in time for the warmer temperatures ahead.

Home Is Where You Park It ($65)




[1] Shout out to Jeff for directing me to Foster’s website.

Insta Inspiration: Laurenswells

Shout out to @laurenswells for sharing this kick ass A-frame shot[1] and inspiring my final push towards the weekend. Only a few more hours left until I get to enjoy the re-emergence of the Denver sun[2]. As always if you like the shot below make sure to like and follow @laurenswells on Instagram. Have an awesome weekend!


[1] One of my current Instagram obsessions.

[2] I’m over the cold and snow that Denver has had to endure for the last few weeks.

Eclectic Bungaloo

I first came across the artistic styling of John Vogl at the 2012 Holiday Man Craft[1] which is an awesome event put on in Denver by Ink Lounge that showcases all sorts of man-made wares and goodies. Kelly and I were in the market for some new art for our bare apartment walls and were immediately drawn to the flowing lines and vibrant colors of John’s work[2]. Fast forward four years and John is operating a one man shop[3] under the studio name The Bungaloo. In addition to awesome screen print posters, he also makes tee shirts, glassware, concert posters and even onesies.  The pics shown below are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his creative output, so if you like what you see make sure to check him out on Instagram[4] and Twitter.

Night Ride V.3 (Out of Stock)


Cybele (Out of Stock)


Astronaut ($25)


Feather Mountain ($25)


Leon Bridges Gig Poster ($25)


Feather Pint Glass ($12)



[1] As evidenced by the semi creepy photos 18 & 19 seen here.

[2] We purchased the first two prints shown, and now have them hanging in our kitchen.

[3] Unless you count his dog Loki.

[4] He has an awesome pic with Pete Holmes rocking one of his tees standing next to Aaron Rodgers.